Audobon Park Spokane

Audobon Park Spokane

Audubon Park for Fun and Family

This popular piece of land is 27 acres of rolling, tall, and majestic pines. This nifty park, located in northwest Spokane, is the host of the oldest neighborhoods in the town. Between the amenities aimed at children and adults, Audubon Park strikes a great balance between excitement and relaxation in this friendly and quiet neighborhood. It has also been reported to never be too empty or crowded. And that, my dear reader, is another fortunate sweet spot to facilitate your enjoyment.

Activities For You and Your Family

Go grab yourself a cup of Joe from the cute coffee place right across the street, sit at a table under the easily accessible shade, and enjoy a good book while your kids play in the splash pad with their friends to keep themselves busy. You don’t have to have a kid to do that either, just so you know. But if you do, they will definitely appreciate the best splash pad in all of Spokane, according to the reviewers. Learn more info.

If a lone wolf routine isn’t appealing to you, you can always plan a family outing on the weekends. Go as large or as little as you’d like. This park has the features to accommodate it. You name them. This place is a table and seating galore. You can throw birthday parties, relaxed picnics, or barbecue get-together’s. Plenty of trash bins for your convenience and easily accessible gender-neutral restrooms. All clean for you to conduct nature’s business in grace.

Being placed on a gentle slope allows this park to offer a rarer type of entertainment, and that is sledding during winter.

This is the perfect time of year to show your kids a great time after you’ve sandwiched them in layers of clothing.

If you’re here for sports and exercise, you’ve chosen the right venue. There are two full basketball courts for friends to shoot some hoops plus softball and baseball diamonds to play with your kids. Plenty of open space for walking in nature if you’d opt for something more casual. Bring your badminton rackets as well. It’s time to swing for glory.

Your fluffy friend will appreciate it as well. As long as you keep the canine leashed, you are good to go to all the morning walks he needs. Just be sure to practice good manners and pick up after him. We don’t want to ruin this slice of heaven for the others, do we?

There are two playgrounds thoughtfully provided for younger and older kids. Swings and slides are perfectly fun and safe to use. There is a lot of open space on the plentiful grass for everyone to sit and enjoy the picnic at. There is plenty of shade from the sun generously considerately provided to you by the old, tall, and majestic Ponderosa pines. The caretakers have done their job well.


Sponsored by Northwest Neighborhood Council, there are open-air concerts to enjoy on summer nights. If you’re into more events such as that, you should know that the park is used as a cross country course during the fall.

More Features

If you decide to witness a particularly breathtaking display, you will have a great view of the festive lights of Christmas on the houses that surround the park at nights in the New Year’s Eve.

There is a good deal of charming features to this park. From the giant tree to outdoor fireplaces and the small island in the pond that serves as an attraction to water birds, they all serve to make your visit truly memorable. Beware the water-fountains.

A Small Inconvenience

Parking has been reported to be a bit difficult. There is a small parking lot to the west of the park, but no paved path from the lot to the play areas. In fact, the infrastructure of the sidewalk system in the neighborhood is just a little bit problematic as it has been left weirdly unfinished by the city. Most blocks still have detached sidewalks. It has been reported to be a bit confusing with how they start and stop and start at random between the different lots. There is wheelchair access on the eastern side of the park.

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