Top 5 Places to Visit in Spokane

There are just too many places to visit in Spokane for people of all ages. Visiting Spokane has become such a wonderful thing to do for tourists as they can bring their entire family and do many things in just a few days. By that point, you won’t regret going there and seeing all the nice places right in front of you. Here are the five places that you must visit in Spokane:


Manito Park

This park is pretty big and lots of locals go here due to the fact that there are plenty of things to do here. When the weather is cooperative enough, you can always play sports there. Another option would be to go with the entire family and have a a wholesome picnic. Of course, you will need to bring your own food there as there are no places there to buy food. There is nothing like breaking a sweat when you play the sports there and meet new friends in the process. If you like watching birds, then bring a microscope and check out all the different species there.


Mobius Children’s Museum

It is just an awesome place for kids to spend time at due to the many interactive exhibits here. There is even an playground for kids to have so much fun at. There is nothing like seeing your kids having such a great time as you will want them to have a great time while they are still young. Add that to the fact that the entrance fee won’t really cost you that much when you compare it to the learning experience that you are going to get from this place.


Downtown Spokane

In order to buy some neat finds, go to downtown Spokane as you will find a variety of shops that will satisfy your needs. Better check the calendar as there is a slight chance there is a huge music festival or even a concert there. If that is the case then it would be time to have lots of fun while you are still there. There is also an amazing variety of restaurants where you can try some delicious dishes by some renowned chefs in the Spokane area. When you are visiting Spokane, there is no doubt you would need to try the excellent food here. In addition, there are quite a few bars where you can hang out at night and meet some new friends. Add that to the fact that there is Cork District where some breweries are.


Latak Creek Winery

Wine tours are pretty common at this side of the valley. This is one of the most popular wineries around so when you’re visiting Spokane then don’t miss this place. The tour guide will give a brief history regarding all the wines that you can get here. Of course, what wine tour would be going on without some type of wine tasting. The place is family owned and it is no surprise how they have won plenty of awards over the years. Believe it or not, Merlot is their specialty but they also have a wide selection of red wines which would be fine.


Centennial Trail

Those who love hiking will love this trail as it is pretty long and the sights are pretty nice. Hence, be sure to bring your camera along as this will be something that will get you a ton of things to remember when you get home. Of course, you must be in the proper hiking attire in order to avoid getting injured while doing the hike. Due to the fact that this trail is 37.5 miles long, it would be important to bring plenty of extra shirts as you would not want your sweat to dry as you may get sick that way.


Visiting Spokane has never been so much fun with all the above places being worth your time. It is even possible to visit two of the above places in one day so you can take your time while you are at Spokane. As a tourist, better make full use of your time. You would not want it to be all about what you are going to do in the future.

Weather in Spokane WA

Spokane, Washington remains an important destination for families looking to enjoy their holiday or looking to relocate to a larger community with a focus on the well-being of their children. People looking for a suitable place for young people usually learn the characteristics and characteristics of many target communities and continue to visit Spokane because they have a great mix of characteristics that add to a caring environment. Here we will discuss the weather in Spokane WA.

The weather in Spokane, Washington clearly depends on the situation. It is located in the northwestern United States in Washington state, especially on the Spokane River in eastern Washington. It is located between the Falls Mountains to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east and north, protecting the city from weather hazards in other parts of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, the Rocky Mountains protect the site from the worst impacts of the Arctic winter. The Rocky Mountains also protect Spokane from the cold winter air masses that flow south through Canada and protect the city from the worst effects of winter arctic weather.

The city experiences four different seasons each year, but there have been dramatic changes in climate patterns over time due to recent changes in the global climate. The climate in Spokane is temperate in summer with temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and in winter with temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The annual rainfall in Spokane is slightly less than in Seattle. About half of the rain falls in the form of snow, which falls mainly in December, the year with the most rainfall.

It’s December and Christmas is coming. Did you feel the cold? Do you use layered clothing to keep you warm? This is how winter works. Because the ground is tilted, the sun’s rays hit the ground at a slight angle, so the rays travel outside the normal range and make it difficult for heat to penetrate. Otherwise, there are longer nights in winter, but shorter days.

Winters are mostly cloudy and foggy with frost in Spokane, Washington. The annual snowfall is estimated at 46 inches per year. Even if there is a transfer from Spokane, Washington at the end of the year, it is always good to be ready. Therefore, it is better to prepare every day!

Best Time of Year to Visit

Spokane is one of the most popular travel destinations in Washington. It is a year-round vacation spot. However, the weather in the places varies from month to month therefore you must understand the best time of the year to visit this county. The best time to enjoy warm-weather activities is between mid-July and Mid is known as summer and fall time. However, if you decide to visit the city during winter and spring it will be very chilly which may not be appropriate to enjoy the nature of this beautiful city. Here are a brief explanation of average weather in Spokane

Weather in Spokane


Temperatures in Spokane varies rapidly. About half the year in Spokane the temperatures are very cold compared to other travel destinations in the world. if are the person looking warmest time then the best months are ‘July and august .this time the average temperature ranges between 57 to 91.3.

Precipitation (Rain or Snow)

If you love dry weather then the best time with less precipitation are the months of July August and September. The lowest precipitation normally occurs in late July .the week of 23 July there is no rain or snow. Spokane receives high precipitation in late December probably dates 23 and 24 which takes an average of two days.

Humidity and Wind

Spokane has some humid months and also dry months. The city experiences the lowest humidity in July with an average of 29.4% relative humidity and the highest humidity in January with an average of 73%. Spokane experiences a very calm wind with April being the windiest month. The next is May and June. Wind in April has an average speed of 5.1 knots which is popularly known as ‘light breeze ‘.there are the maximum sustained winds with high speed and occurs late April and the speed reaches 13.8 knots and this is considered as the moderate breeze.

As you think about the weather for Spokane, it is helpful to think through the best times to paint the exterior of your home in Spokane. Contact Routon Painting if you are looking into house painting for your home. We’d be happy to help you think through the best times to paint your home.

What are the Top Restaurants in Spokane WA?

Top Restaurants In Spokane

There a lot of fine restaurants in Spokane WA that deserve your undivided attention. When that happens, you would want to try them all as much as possible in the short time that you have there. Here are a few of the top restaurants in Spokane WA that you should make some time in your schedule for a visit:

Wandering Table

There are a lot of choices on their extensive menu and you will enjoy your meal no matter which one you select. Don’t forget to order dessert as it is one of those things you would not want to miss. It is a blessing in disguise for you to find the place as a lot of people were not able to. It is a great place to hang out and enjoy their wide range of cocktails. Ask the bartender and he will tell you right away what drinks are the best sellers. In fact, you are not going to notice how fast time flies while you are sipping their drinks while chatting with friends.

Italia Trattoria

If you love pizza, then this place is going to give you a lot of nice choices. Other than that, there are a lot of exquisite cocktails that you will certainly enjoy in more ways than one. In fact, you will dream about their food when you go to sleep. Yes, that is how good their food is. No matter how packed their place is, you don’t have to worry about how long it will take for your food to come out. It won’t be long before it does and you would want nothing more than to eat right away and they are thinking about the same thing. It just means they have such a talented cast of chefs.

Park Lodge Restaurant

If you have yet to dine at this place, you are missing out on a lot as everything from the food down to the service just seems above average. In fact, they have one of the best burgers in Spokane. A lot of tourists claim that they would want to come back to this restaurant to eat at this place several times. You know it will be one of those experiences that will stay in your mind for a pretty long time. In addition, you will want to enjoy their spacious parking so that would be one less problem to worry about.

Dolly’s Cafe

They have the best breakfast food you will ever taste. Words can’t describe how amazing their french toast, pancakes, and even hash browns are. They have all of your breakfast favorites and you will want to have them all again the next day for breakfast. Their serving is pretty huge so you will always get what you paid for. In fact, you will want to take the leftovers home and have them again later.

Downriver Grill

They serve delicious food and the servers sure know about their wide range of selections. There is a reason why there is always a large amount of people waiting at the entrance. Yes, there are so many people who would not mind waiting for a few minutes before they could eat at this place. They know it is worth their time because of the nice food and service.

Satellite Diner and Lounge

Looking for a place to eat after a long night of drinking? This would be the perfect place to do it as they open until late. All of their food choices are good too as you won’t be able to blame yourself if you end up ordering a lot more than what you were supposed to. It would feel great to burp after eating a lot of delicious food made by their renowned chefs. You can bet they have a solid background when it comes to making delicious food.

Whenever you eat at one of the top restaurants in Spokane WA, you know you are going to get your money’s worth. In fact, most of the above restaurants are located in nice locations so you can go for some shopping afterward. It would feel great to be able to do a lot of things in one day then look forward to doing a lot more the next day.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of restaurants in Spokane. If you are looking for commercial painting, then we would love to be able to help. Contact us for more information.

Chamber of Commerce Spokane WA

Washington is a beautiful state to live in, and not for nothing is the capital of the US, right? And a great proof of that statement is the fact that there are multiple non-profitable organizations that give major contributions to communities such as the ones that live in the Spokane Valley, a place with good and beautiful green zones, but they are suffering from big problems related to the climate change, and not everyone tends to fight with people that want to change the world for better.

However, not everything is lost, thanks to non-profitable organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Spokane Valley has a bright future, but what is this big organization? Let’s discover everything about it right to recover the faith in humanity. stay tuned.

What is the Chamber of Commerce, Spokane WA:

The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce is a big non-profitable organization that works in the Spokane Valley by their member-driven personal that is professionally trained and committed to establishing a good economic climate balance in the Spokane Valley as well as doing their best to improve the life quality for every single member of the community in this Valley and the surrounding areas with the purpose of creating a more solid, enjoyable and caring society.

It all started on May 25, 1921, when multiple business leaders decided to create and organize the Chamber of Commerce as a way of improving the life quality and helping the community of the Spokane Valley that was not showing good progress overall in terms of economy, business and community events in a way that everyone can participate and bring their own ideas about what could be don to perform healthy changes that would benefit everyone in the community.

So, in simple words, this organization was created in the need of someone that could carry and offer advice to growing business or salesman that were trying to make a better life in the Valley, and in these actual days, it doesn’t count with any membership limitation, being one of the most recommended organizations if you are someone who is looking for opportunities in the Spokane Valley, however, you should be someone that does care for progress in the community and not only working for money.

Do They Count with G00d Reputation?

Sadly, in this modern society, not everyone is willing to help others without paying a price or service beforehand, however, your faith in humankind shouldn’t be lost yet, since the Chamber of Commerce is willing to help every single member of the community to increase the life qualities of the valley with brand new ideas, opinions, business and also contributions in events that help to build a better relationship and overall, aim for their great objective that is the same sine their creation “Making the Spokane Valley a good and attractive place to hold families and an interesting life”.

Answering the main question about their reputation, yes, they do count with an outstanding good reputation above the members of the Spokane Valley and other close areas that are keeping an eye in the general project, so you can expect good things about this non-profitable organization not only in these actual days but also in the future. Not for anything you can see multiple recognized sponsors that want to form part of the project and is a fact that hospitals, schools, or organizations that teach valuable knowledge, waste managers, and other important non-profitable organizations are doing their best to provide aid to the project.

Conclusion – Will Spokane Valley Benefit from the Chamber of Commerce?

After all of that you have discovered in the previous explanation, you can expect good results in the future, and also you should start hearing good things about Spokane Valley in terms of climate balance and economic measures as well as businesses, however, hearing and watching is something, doing progress and participating is another different thing, so, if you are someone that lives near the Spokane Valley they could use your help and start doing your best to help in the process of change, so, to see news, events and important information about the community you can always visit their official website and also sign for a membership to see in what ca you contribute, don’t let pass the opportunity of helping others pass through your own eyes.

If you are looking to partner with the Spokane Chamber, we would highly recommend it. Routon Painting & Handyman in Spokane has been involved with the local chamber.

Things to do in Spokane WA

Things to do in Spokane WA

The city of Spokane, Washington is a seasonal tourist destination where visitors and residents are treated like many of the most common and impressive royal landmarks. Offering a mix of urban services and small-town hospitality, the city is an exciting place to watch what is happening in the northwest of the country. Hiking, climbing, fishing, water boating, excursions, skiing, and boating are just a few of the outdoor activities you can enjoy here. Cross the Spennane River Century Trail on foot, jog, or bike (from the Idaho State Line to Nine Mile Falls, Washington) while enjoying the unspoiled beauty of the Valley, Urbana, and State Park stretches. Riverside will surprise you. Here’s what to see and Things to do in Spokane WA

Riverfront park

Riverfront Park is a great place to visit, especially if you are with your family. This is a beautiful place, covering an area of about one hundred acres. These green meadows with a river waterfall along with some great park attractions such as the IMAX theater with carousel, amusement park, ice skating area. It is also the site of important and special events that take place throughout the year. Riverfront Park attractions include Hoopfest, Pig Out in the Park, Junior Lilac Parade, and more.

 Northwest Art Museum

The Northwest Museum of Art and Culture, known as MACS, has five wings that house over 68,000 pieces of art. The museum offers guided tours of about an hour, or you can enjoy the museum through the self-guided museum. The MAC Cafe serves American and Middle Eastern cuisine. The impressive gift shop makes a full-day visit a real privilege.

Manito park

Manito Park, originally known as Montreux Park, is one of Spokane’s most popular locations in Washington state. It is located on the city’s grand boulevard. The main landscape of this stunning 90-hectare park is attributed to the enchanting gardens that include: Joel E. Ferris’s Perennial Garden contains over 200 species of plants that survive for two growing seasons. Rose Hill Garden is the jewel in the crown park with an impressive hill of beautiful roses. A sandy path winds around the garden, and you can watch these beauties for hours. The Park Bench Café offers a wide variety of food, and the lovely gift shop has many books, plants, and artifacts.

John A. Finch Arboretum

John A. Finch Arboretum is 65 acres of breathtaking beauty. The tree is full of gorgeous trees, beautiful shrubs, and breathtaking flowers and plants, and is a great way to spend the day relaxing and enjoying this beautiful exhibition. The pleasant picnic area allows families to spend the day in this pleasant place. There are books in the gift shop and you can buy plants.

 Campbell House

Campbell House is artistic, historical, and breathtaking. This is one of the best places in Spokane, Washington to meet family and learn about history. This home is part of Browne’s Addition history and was built in 1898 under the direction of renowned architect Kirtland K. Cutter. Spokane Pride is one of the exhibits and collections of the Northwest Museum of Art and Culture. This classification is classified as a neoclassical revival, which means that the architecture was inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome.

 Green Bluff

 You can visit Green Bluff at any time of the year. But save it for autumn, where the leaves are beautiful, and summer, where paths entice everyone to follow them. The top 10 homes are compiled by the Campbell Historic Home, which is jointly managed by the Northwest Museum of Art and Culture. If you look around you will see a lot of work being done on Spokane

Auntie’s Bookstore:

It is a huge and independent bookstore made up of people who love their job and want to help you find the exact book you want or need. Customers can sit and read as much as they want, which is what you’ll want to do when you see how many options this bookstore has to offer. The bookstore has a cozy coffee shop and shoppers can carry coffee around the bookstore or bring a few books to the coffee shop and sit in a comfortable chair all day and read.

Indeed, Spokane offers a unique blend of unique experiences and things to do. When you are here, you will always be in Spokane. Pamper yourself and invite your family and friends over. Routon Painting In Spokane is proud to be a local business in this area.