Commercial Painters In Spokane Wa

Applying a fresh coat of paint to a commercial property helps to improve the beauty and increase the value of the property. At Routon Painting & Handyman Service, we specialize in providing professional painting and handyman services. We are experts in painting all types of commercial properties including offices, retails stores, restaurants, hotels, Multi-Family Houses, and so forth. Our team of skilled and well-experienced commercial painters in Spokane WA will give your commercial properties the professional painting they deserve.

How Do You Estimate Commercial Painting?

To complete any commercial painting project, an accurate cost estimate is essential. The professional painter will calculate all the various costs that are associated with paints, painting materials, labor, equipment, and other miscellaneous items. However, to achieve the best result, the cost estimate should be flexible and easily adaptable to any modification which may arise.

In order to arrive at an accurate estimate, professional commercial painters in Spokane WA often assess the project scope as well as the technical implications. Some factors to consider when estimating the overall cost of a commercial painting project include:

  • The size of the area to be painted.
  • The quantity or amount of paint needed.
  • The total cost of materials, good quality paints.
  • Cost of labor.

What’s more, calculating the cost of materials and labor will help you arrive at a rough estimate for the commercial painting project. However, for a more accurate cost estimate, the painter will include additional costs like brushes, rollers, paint trays, and so forth. There may also be overhead cost like fuel, power washing, insurance, and so forth.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Commercial Painter?

Painting your commercial property in Spokane WA is a significant long-term investment. However, executing a commercial painting project is often cost intensive. To safeguard your investment, you need to hire a skilled and competent commercial painter. From purchasing painting materials to selecting the ideal color and finish for the property, there are a lot of factors to consider when hiring a painter.

However, it is important to note that professional painters charge differently for interior and exterior painting. While exterior painting is usually charged a fixed rate, interior painting will be charged hourly. The overall cost will mostly depend on the factors below:

  • Size and nature of the project.
  • Season
  • The location of your home.
  • The level of experience of the painter
  • The cost of labor and materials.

However, be careful not to get swayed by painters who give you very cheap quotes just to win the contract. The majority of these painters using inferior quality paints and lowest quality painting materials. Always turn to Routon Painting & Handyman Service for the very best of commercial painting services.

Need Expert Commercial Painters in Spokane WA? Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Routon Painting & Handyman Service if you need our professional painters to handle your commercial painting project. Our services are affordable, reliable, and well-detailed. Our expert commercial painters in Spokane WA will only use high quality paints and best quality materials. We will offer you a custom-tailored painting solution, based on your budget and painting needs. With us, you are guaranteed to get outstanding painting services that will surpass your expectations.

Commercial Painters In Spokane Wa

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commercial painting contractors in spokane

Applying a fresh coat of paint to a commercial property makes the building more beautiful and attractive. At Routon Painting & Handyman Service, we specialize in providing quality and excellent commercial painting services. Our commercial painting contractors in Spokane, WA can paint all types of commercial properties including schools, offices, retails shops, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and many more.

We Offer Professional and Detailed Services

In addition, our services are affordable, well-detailed, and highly professional. Our trusted painting crew have the required skill and expertise to execute all commercial painting projects. We promise to dedicate every available resource at our disposal to offer you the very best of commercial painting services. Our ability to deliver excellent and unparalleled services makes us one of the best commercial painting contractors in Spokane, WA.

What Do Commercial Painting Contractors Do?

A commercial painting project is obviously bigger than the residential ones. Commercial painting is more complex and thereby requires a great deal of expertise. That’s why commercial painting contractors in Spokane are the best bet in handling painting jobs that are too big.

Commercial painting contractors take on primarily larger scale jobs, such as apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, medical facilities, and schools. These commercial painters also paint hotels, industries, condominiums, big shopping centers, and any other painting work of large scale businesses.

Since these contractors specialize in big projects, they have experiencd painters working for them. With all the types of skills and resources needed in painting, they can always work effectively, efficiently, and faster. They are with wide variety of skills, Commercial painting contractors also do flooring, coating etc.

In addition, commercial painting contractors In Spokane also handle the paint job of high rise and low rise buildings. Our trusted experts at Routon Painting & Handyman Service can apply faux finishes, decorative finishes, and many more.

What Should You Know Before Hiring A Commercial Painting Contractor?

Prior to hiring of a commercial painting contractor, there are some basic things you need to take a look at in the profile of a potential hire. An unlicensed or inexperienced contractor will cost you loss of money and frustration during or at the end of the contract. You can identify a truly credible and experienced painting contractor by their project gallery or portfolio of their recent completed works.

Some of the essential things to know before hiring a contractor are:

  • Does The Contractor Have Insurance – A competent and credible contractor should have insurance in place, this doesn’t only protects the contractor during the job, but also protect you from being directly responsible for them.
  • Is the Contractor Properly Licensed? – Licenses may either be of residential properties or Commercial properties. Make sure the contractor is with the proper license for your property.
  • Does the Contractor Provide References? – Check their references, likewise the reviews. Check for their past projects, testimonies from their former customers.
  • Will you get a warranty or guarantee?
  • Is the company a member of the business bureau?
  • What materials and techniques will be used?
  • Are the employees trained and insured?

Need Professional Commercial Painting Contractors In Spokane? Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Routon Painting & Handyman Service to get a painting quote. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

painting businesses in spokane valley

Painting can be a hassle. It’s messy, can be expensive depending on just how much you have to paint, and can be a ton of work.

Luckily, there are professional services that can handle that for you. Services can range depending on the company. Some may offer just painting services, but there are plenty of other companies that act as a one-stop-shop for any of your home needs, from renovation and restoration to painting and staining.

But finding the right business for the job is the real trick. So which one do you go with?

What painting business are in Spokane Valley?

Routon Painting should be the top choice if you are in Spokane Valley. For nearly four years, Routon Painting has been servicing the Spokane Valley area to rave reviews. They’ve expanded to the west side of Washington State, servicing areas like Snohomish County, Camano Island, Everett, Marysville, Stanwood, Arlington, and other areas.

Routon Painting offers a plethora of services, including painting services both interior and exterior, rain gutters cleaning and repair, roof cleaning, handyman services, total home renovation, refinishing of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, log home restoration, epoxy floor coatings, and even roof coatings. There is nothing that Routon Painting doesn’t offer.

Additionally, they have received rave reviews from those who have used their services in the past, receiving five-star ratings on Home Advisor, Facebook, Thumbtack, and Yelp. While they have only been in business for a little over three years, they have over 14 years of experience in all the areas described. Not only that, but they are Lead Home Certified and even offer discounts to those in the military and seniors as well.

Regardless of your home needs, Routon Painting is a fast, fair and reliable option and just a quick phone call away.

What painting professionals are in Spokane?

If Routon Painting is unavailable and you need immediate painting done, you can always turn to the Spokane Painting Pros. The Spokane Painting Pros are highly rated, with a litany of testimonials from happy customers readily available both via their website and through acclaimed review sites like

They offer an abundance of services from interior and exterior painting services, commercial painting, wood deck refinishing, staining, pressure washing, wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal and much more. They work fast, efficiently and at a competitive price.

What Contractors also offer painting services in Spokane?

There are plenty of other companies that might service if Routon Painting is unavailable due to the many bookings they take as a result of their exemplary service. So if you’re in dire need of a painting contractor, but you are left looking for a secondary option, there are others to turn to.

CertaPro Painters of Spokane are highly rated as are Wall and Company, a small mom and pop business that also offers landscaping services. There are plenty of reliable options should Routon Painting be unavailable, so you can rest peacefully knowing that you are covered even if you can’t get the very best.