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Finding the right epoxy flooring coat is not a simple process. It requires diligent research to avoid costly overspending and careful selection to find the best product money will buy. If your search has led you to the Epoxy Coat website, you can take heart- you’ve found the most durable, affordable coating on the market.

We’re not just saying that to make a sale. Epoxy Coat is ages ahead if its competition. As a solid-material epoxy floor, Epoxy Coat dries at 100% volume, meaning there is absolutely no shrinkage between the time you pour it and the time it is dry and ready for use. Other products dry at 40-80% of their original mass, so you end up with far less in the long run when you opt for an inferior product.

Why is no shrinkage so important? You’ll invest a lot of money into your new epoxy flooring. Do you want to spend your money on a product that leaves you with 1/4 of the volume that you paid for or would you prefer to keep 100% of your investment? We find that most customers prefer keeping all of the product they purchased. There is no evaporation with Epoxy Coat, so if you pour out a quarter inch floor, you’ll have a quarter inch floor to show for your work.

Epoxy Coat is very easy to self-apply and will leave you with picture-perfect results every time. If you thought a self-pour meant you had to sacrifice on the results, you’ll be amazed at how your floor will look. Whether you’re resurfacing your garage, basement, patio, laundry room, kids’ play room, industrial floor or any other space, you can expect nothing short of professional results.

Don’t take our word for it- visit the ‘Gallery’ link at the top of the Epoxy Coat home page and see for yourself the incredible results you can expect for the unbeatable price of Epoxy Coat. A single garage floor kit, one that covers 250 sq ft, costs only $189.95 and comes with everything you’ll need to do the job.

There are numerous reasons why Epoxy Coat has risen to become the new standard in epoxy floor. This is a product that is 10 times as durable as its competition, is 5 times as thick as other products, maintains its durability for a full 20 years and comes with a lifetime warranty. There is simply no other product like it on the market today.

Regardless of whether your new epoxy floor will see a little or a lot of traffic, the results are the same. Epoxy Coat can be used in dealership show rooms, casinos, restaurants, warehouses, auto shops or around the home. Once the epoxy has set, it provides an extremely durable surface that will not peel and is safe from wear and tear.

Speak with an epoxy expert by calling 800-841-5580 if you have any questions about the versatile and durable epoxy flooring from Epoxy Coat.

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