Top 5 Places to Visit in Spokane

There are just too many places to visit in Spokane for people of all ages. Visiting Spokane has become such a wonderful thing to do for tourists as they can bring their entire family and do many things in just a few days. By that point, you won’t regret going there and seeing all the nice places right in front of you. Here are the five places that you must visit in Spokane:


Manito Park

This park is pretty big and lots of locals go here due to the fact that there are plenty of things to do here. When the weather is cooperative enough, you can always play sports there. Another option would be to go with the entire family and have a a wholesome picnic. Of course, you will need to bring your own food there as there are no places there to buy food. There is nothing like breaking a sweat when you play the sports there and meet new friends in the process. If you like watching birds, then bring a microscope and check out all the different species there.


Mobius Children’s Museum

It is just an awesome place for kids to spend time at due to the many interactive exhibits here. There is even an playground for kids to have so much fun at. There is nothing like seeing your kids having such a great time as you will want them to have a great time while they are still young. Add that to the fact that the entrance fee won’t really cost you that much when you compare it to the learning experience that you are going to get from this place.


Downtown Spokane

In order to buy some neat finds, go to downtown Spokane as you will find a variety of shops that will satisfy your needs. Better check the calendar as there is a slight chance there is a huge music festival or even a concert there. If that is the case then it would be time to have lots of fun while you are still there. There is also an amazing variety of restaurants where you can try some delicious dishes by some renowned chefs in the Spokane area. When you are visiting Spokane, there is no doubt you would need to try the excellent food here. In addition, there are quite a few bars where you can hang out at night and meet some new friends. Add that to the fact that there is Cork District where some breweries are.


Latak Creek Winery

Wine tours are pretty common at this side of the valley. This is one of the most popular wineries around so when you’re visiting Spokane then don’t miss this place. The tour guide will give a brief history regarding all the wines that you can get here. Of course, what wine tour would be going on without some type of wine tasting. The place is family owned and it is no surprise how they have won plenty of awards over the years. Believe it or not, Merlot is their specialty but they also have a wide selection of red wines which would be fine.


Centennial Trail

Those who love hiking will love this trail as it is pretty long and the sights are pretty nice. Hence, be sure to bring your camera along as this will be something that will get you a ton of things to remember when you get home. Of course, you must be in the proper hiking attire in order to avoid getting injured while doing the hike. Due to the fact that this trail is 37.5 miles long, it would be important to bring plenty of extra shirts as you would not want your sweat to dry as you may get sick that way.


Visiting Spokane has never been so much fun with all the above places being worth your time. It is even possible to visit two of the above places in one day so you can take your time while you are at Spokane. As a tourist, better make full use of your time. You would not want it to be all about what you are going to do in the future.