Weather in Spokane WA

Spokane, Washington remains an important destination for families looking to enjoy their holiday or looking to relocate to a larger community with a focus on the well-being of their children. People looking for a suitable place for young people usually learn the characteristics and characteristics of many target communities and continue to visit Spokane because they have a great mix of characteristics that add to a caring environment. Here we will discuss the weather in Spokane WA.

The weather in Spokane, Washington clearly depends on the situation. It is located in the northwestern United States in Washington state, especially on the Spokane River in eastern Washington. It is located between the Falls Mountains to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east and north, protecting the city from weather hazards in other parts of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, the Rocky Mountains protect the site from the worst impacts of the Arctic winter. The Rocky Mountains also protect Spokane from the cold winter air masses that flow south through Canada and protect the city from the worst effects of winter arctic weather.

The city experiences four different seasons each year, but there have been dramatic changes in climate patterns over time due to recent changes in the global climate. The climate in Spokane is temperate in summer with temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and in winter with temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The annual rainfall in Spokane is slightly less than in Seattle. About half of the rain falls in the form of snow, which falls mainly in December, the year with the most rainfall.

It’s December and Christmas is coming. Did you feel the cold? Do you use layered clothing to keep you warm? This is how winter works. Because the ground is tilted, the sun’s rays hit the ground at a slight angle, so the rays travel outside the normal range and make it difficult for heat to penetrate. Otherwise, there are longer nights in winter, but shorter days.

Winters are mostly cloudy and foggy with frost in Spokane, Washington. The annual snowfall is estimated at 46 inches per year. Even if there is a transfer from Spokane, Washington at the end of the year, it is always good to be ready. Therefore, it is better to prepare every day!

Best Time of Year to Visit

Spokane is one of the most popular travel destinations in Washington. It is a year-round vacation spot. However, the weather in the places varies from month to month therefore you must understand the best time of the year to visit this county. The best time to enjoy warm-weather activities is between mid-July and Mid is known as summer and fall time. However, if you decide to visit the city during winter and spring it will be very chilly which may not be appropriate to enjoy the nature of this beautiful city. Here are a brief explanation of average weather in Spokane

Weather in Spokane


Temperatures in Spokane varies rapidly. About half the year in Spokane the temperatures are very cold compared to other travel destinations in the world. if are the person looking warmest time then the best months are ‘July and august .this time the average temperature ranges between 57 to 91.3.

Precipitation (Rain or Snow)

If you love dry weather then the best time with less precipitation are the months of July August and September. The lowest precipitation normally occurs in late July .the week of 23 July there is no rain or snow. Spokane receives high precipitation in late December probably dates 23 and 24 which takes an average of two days.

Humidity and Wind

Spokane has some humid months and also dry months. The city experiences the lowest humidity in July with an average of 29.4% relative humidity and the highest humidity in January with an average of 73%. Spokane experiences a very calm wind with April being the windiest month. The next is May and June. Wind in April has an average speed of 5.1 knots which is popularly known as ‘light breeze ‘.there are the maximum sustained winds with high speed and occurs late April and the speed reaches 13.8 knots and this is considered as the moderate breeze.

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